These Terms & Conditions apply to any purchases made from 321HOST, be it for the 321HOST services itself, or any other of the associated services. 321HOST reserves the right to amend or update the terms & conditions at any time, with or without notice.

Renewals & Payments

Payments are accepted via both PayPal and Credit Card. Leased services automatically renew until cancelled. Payment is due on the anniversary of the date of signup each month. If payment is not received within 5 days of the due date, 321HOST will suspend the service until full payment is received and reserves the right to suspend any and all related services for the account in question.
For services, payments are due in advance of any work commencing. For larger custom development services, payments may be split into multiple payments, commonly consisting of a 50% deposit prior to any work commencing, and the remainder upon completion, however this option will only be offered at 321HOST’ discretion.
Should we receive a chargeback or disputed payment, all services will be revoked until any disputed amounts have been repaid, plus any fees incurred which are typically $20 per chargeback.


All services are normally issued instantly upon confirmation of receipt of payment from the chosen gateway processor. Should your payment turn out to be fraudulent, the service will be suspended and you will be expected to repay the amount + any fees incurred.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with our services, we are happy to provide you with a full refund for the cost of your license. To claim a refund under the money back guarantee you simply need to submit a cancellation request from our members area within 30 days of the original purchase date, stating why it was not to your satisfaction and your money will be refunded in full.
The Money Back Guarantee applies to new clients only, this applies to services & addon/service related charges, however services that have commenced are not eligible for refund. To clarify, a new client is determined by both the registered client information and the domain that the 321HOST is installed on, meaning that if there is a record of 321HOST having been used in the past by either the same company or person, or on the same domain, then you will not be eligible for refund under our Money Back Guarantee.

Cancellations & Refunds Policy

Leased services may be cancelled at any time. No notice period is required, and the cancellation will be effective from the date the cancellation request is made or processed. Requests for cancellation should be submitted from our members area.
Any monies paid for leased license renewals prior to a cancellation request being submitted are non-refundable. The same applies to any services, where once the service has been started, any fees paid also become non-refundable. 321HOST reserves the right to cancel service and access to the service at any time. If a customer breaks the terms of the 321HOST Terms of Service, a refund will not be available.