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Since 1991, with a long story of researches in the field of Information technologies, we were on a first line of IT business within deployment of innovative IT systems, to help you to simplify work and to raise the income.


e-Commerce Service

We collected the professionals to aggressively promote your products and services, to help you increase revenues through omni-channel sales in different contry your virtual sales offices....


Excellent Hosting

Along with the traditional hosting services, we have developed a complete package of marketing tools for consumers, so that they could start their own business and promote.


CRM Servers

Whether you work high tech or retail, our CRM Servers is the custom-fit solution with its flexible design, saves time, helps to create new online sales offices.


What We Are Able To Do

We changed our perception about the automation and deployed our solutions in information and computing centers in the UK, the US and the Baltic countries, so we have made the transition to a more sustainable technological level. Now you can easily be connected to our resources IT: Software, Systems and Services.
Since 90th years our company continuously cooperates with the international organizations. For example: we developed and started in production precomputers "Electronic" and "LASER computers" in China. Created under the contract with the Ministry of Labour of Sweden (AMS) the information centers in St. Petersburg, in Ufa. Carried out projects with financing of SIDA, TACIS, BAS. We cooperate with such companies as IBM, etc.
We are IT-company and, following spirit of innovations of 21 centuries, we develop and we accumulate new IT technologies of management. Now at us is more 50 software products for business which are ready to run in "one click". Our Team will provision of services of implementation and support by forces of the best specialists of an industry from Russia, India, the USA.
The development of sales system
Creating a network of branches
International industrial cooperation
Display products on new markets
Industrial Automation
Product Localization
Business processes of sales


The InfoProSystems was founded in 1991, and now presents a new projects with one goal: become one of the best online solutions providers. Our state-of-the-art solutions are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the internet to more people than ever.

  • e-Commerce
  • Excellent hosting
  • CRM servers

Our strength lies in the experience and knowledge of the basic principles and methods of automated control systems, regardless of the subject area. We implement our knowledge, methods and technologies into your subject area.

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