The InfoProSystems was founded

in 1991, and now presents a new projects with one goal: become
one of the best providers of online solutions.

Our state-of-the-art solutions are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the internet to more people than ever.

What We Offer

Our Key Solutions 2017

With our online e-commerce system, you can easily work anywhere by customizing and improving your sales system. You can add your online store to your social network accounts, for example: Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Google or any other trading platform to sell products at the same time. The built-in mobile application will enable your customers to explore your products and make purchases from any mobile device.

With top-of-the line hosting infrastructure, leveraging high-end processors, high performance storage & memory along with clearly defined resource isolation, our hosting services give you the performance your site is looking for.Our fully integrated caching solution ensures that your site is optimized to deliver content fast while freeing up important compute resources to work on more dynamic requests...

We offer in perpetuity powerful CRM servers deployed in data centers in Europe, India, the United States to choose from, which are designed to fully automate your sales system, taking into account the sales of branched channels and instant calculation of ROI. The total cost of ownership CRM server is included - an innovative CRM system model business processes of sales, plans automated marketing campaigns, an external document in PDF format, templates, and...


Development and implementation of business processes.
Implementation of sales management system.

Reengeering sales system.

The Implementation of CRM and MRP II systems. Localization
of products. International cooperation.


Development of modules (programming).
Integrate and Synchronize Databases.
Localization of applications.

Service and Support

Services specialists (online).
PostgreSQL database migration, Firebird, Interbase.
Bug Tracking (on request). Service of technics (on call).


Educational Webinars. Briefings and Conferences.
Personal presentation. Specialized training courses.

Technical support

Design and maintenance of computer networks.
Favorable supply of any computer technology.


InfoProSystems considers each project as a new page of creative developments
and performs every project with excellent results.

We give below our most important projects which execution would be
impossible without list of professionals.

Full electrification of church building in automation of church bell chimes at Vyborg Church of St Catherine.
Developers: Vasily Popov, Valery Lokhansky, Victor Ghevondian, Samvel Davtian.

Design and implementation of computer network for Russian branch of R.J. Ronalds tobacco factory's.
Developers: Alexander Preobrazhensky, Samvel Davtian.

Automation of Social Services Department of Bashkortostan republic, consisting of 20 cities, 28 servers and 700 workstations.
Developers: Mikhail Avetisian, Andrew Anfilofev, Paul van den Berg, Joseph Vodovoz, The team of installers, Yuri Demin, Samvel Davtian.

Development and Automation of Job Centers in Ufa, Russia in joint effort with AMS experts from Swedish Job Center.
Developers: Joran Pettersson, Yuri Demin, Oke Andersson, Matti Sario, Victor Sidelnikov, The team of installers, Samvel Davtian.

Ufa Police (Russia) computer network for registering incidents online and maintaining criminal database.
Developers: Tagir Farahov, Rifgat Urazmetov, Yuri Voronov, Samvel Davtian.

Access control systems "Mikado", its own design.
Developers: Ashat Mufazalov, Alexay Bannikov, The team of installers, Samvel Davtian.

Information centers for the unemployed in the cities Tosno, Gatchina, with funding from the Ministry of AMS Labour Sweden.
Developers: Vladimir Rojkov, Ragnar Gussing, Samvel Davtian.

Development and production of Russian pre-computer "Electronic" for extra curricular activities in VTech Holdings Limited
Developers: Rasim Kamalov, Marion Koelemeijer, Samvel Davtian.

Development of MRP system of production of furniture, with funding Support Fund of Small Business BAS, United Kingdom.
Developers: Alexey Zolotov, Viacheslav Dubenecky, Samvel Davtian.

Production control system of avia radio locators, with funding Support Fund of Small Business BAS, United Kingdom.
Developers: Alexey Zolotov, Viacheslav Dubenecky, the team of consultants, Samvel Davtian.

Development of MRP system for production management of self-guided warheads and other electronic military devices.
Developers: Alexey Zolotov, Viacheslav Dubenecky, the team of consultants, Samvel Davtian.

Development of,
Developers: Samvel Davtian.

Development the system to conduct climatic tests of optical devices for marine, air and space use.
Developers: Samvel Davtian and the team of consultants.

With special respect and gratitude service personnel
for the help and cooperation.
Samvel DAVTIAN, General Director at InfoProSystems